"AquaGuard" Sp. z o.o. - This is the Polish division of the group of companies "Belakvamir". The 20-year experience of supplying the leading manufacturers of various systems for the home is rightly appreciated by hundreds of customers, which every month becomes more and more.

Our close cooperation with such major brands as “Aquaphor”, “Geyser”, “Barrier”, “Aquafilter”, “Honeywell”, “Akvastorozh”, gives a number of advantages to our customers over their competitors.

To describe the size of our turnover for water, it is enough to mention that several times a week we receive goods from manufacturing plants. Each new product on the water treatment market of the aforementioned trademarks appears among us first.

Our own logistics service does not give us the envy of circumstances. We are always ready to coordinate with our customers as soon as possible deliveries.

A flexible system of discounts for customers allows you to increase their final profit. We are also ready to provide you with a commodity credit.

Choosing “Aquaguard” - you choose stability in business!