Expert 201

Expert 201

Price 1899 PLN

  • Controller Controller: Expert
  • Taps Taps: 2 pcs
  • Diameter Diameter: 1/2"
  • Wire Sensors Wire Sensors: 4 pcs
  • Wires Wires: 4 pcs (2m, 4m, 6m, 10m)
  • Batteries Batteries: 3 pcs (R14 type C)
  • Mount Mount: Yes


Leakage protection system AquaGuard Expert 201 - protection system against leaks, gulfs and floods of apartments. The system automatically blocks cold and hot water supply at apartment floods. After detecting a leakage, the system closes the inlet taps of cold and hot water supply for 3 seconds. One set guarantees simultaneous operation of up to 6 cranes.

Advantages and main features:

  • Autonomous power, consisting of three batteries of type "C", ensures the system is operational for 2 to 9 years in an autonomous mode from one set of batteries.
  • Built-in uninterruptible power supply based on supercapacitors (ionistors) - duplicates the main types of power supply - mains and autonomous. The source batteries provide 100% system availability with dead batteries or power cuts in the apartment.
  • The supply voltage is 4.5 - 5.5 V.
  • The average power consumption in standby mode on autonomous power is 0.22 mW.
  • The maximum output power supplied to the taps, regardless of the type and condition of the batteries, is 40 watts.
  • Relative humidity of air, no more than 70%.
  • Ambient temperature is 0 - +50 ℃.
  • The notification about break of a chain (break of a wire), about breakage and souring of the crane.
  • Individual light indication of a lost crane.
  • Individual light indication of breakage and souring of the crane.
  • Automatic detection of ball valve position.
  • The function of emergency overlap of cranes in an emergency situation.
  • Self-cleaning function for taps every 14 days.
  • Two-level adjustable sensitivity wired sensors.
  • Protective auto-closing of cranes in the complete absence of any power supply and depletion of the UPS charge.
  • Non-programmable 5-channel interface (dry contact) for connecting external smart home devices.
  • Programmable interface with customizable communication protocol.

Wyposażenie: 2 elektryczne dźwigi kulowe 1/2” (15 mm), sterownik Expert, 4 czujniki przewodowe, przewody (2, 4, 6, 10 m), zasilanie 5,5 V, akumulatory R14 (typ C) - 3 szt., Łączniki.

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