Controller Expert PRO

Controller Expert PRO

Price 599 PLN

  • Max. number of taps Max. number of taps: 5 pcs
  • Оpen circuit control Оpen circuit control: Yes
  • 220 V power relay 220 V power relay: Yes
  • Number of wired sensors Number of wired sensors: ∞


Controllers "Aquastorozh" combine unique design and unsurpassed functionality. Support external management - the ability to fully integrate with the system "Smart Home". Innovative technical solutions: unprecedentedly long battery life, built-in UPS, Smart Cranes - control of a crane circuit breakdown, automatic detection of the ball valve position, support for wireless solutions, high energy efficiency, monitoring of sensor performance and an open circuit, and indication of a filled sensor.

The PRO version of the controllers has a built-in 220 V, 16 A power relay that allows controlling the operation of the pump and other external high-voltage devices.

The relay is non-volatile (bistable), therefore, in case of shutdown of the Aquastorozh system, the pump will remain off, even if the batteries of the system are completely discharged.

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