In case of water leakage, “Aquaguard” automatically signals the incident and minimizes the consequences of the accident. It will help protect your property, save money and save nerves.

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Our Advantages

Without 220 V

Safe when used in domestic water systems - supply voltage of only 4.5V


Autonomous operation without network connection; support from one to three battery packs providing up to 3 years of autonomous operation of a wired system in standby mode

Built-in supercapacitors

Built-in backup power system allows you to maintain system performance in the absence of external power or when fully discharged batteries

5 "Smart Cranes"

Unique "Smart Cranes" with full performance monitoring

Sensor break control

Detection of a damaged or lost sensor with indication and control signal for overlapping taps

Convenient interface and quick installation

Universal case allows you to add new devices with one hand movement the possibility of integration into the "Smart Home"

Unique Design And Outstanding Functionality

Innovative technical solutions: unprecedentedly long battery life, built-in UPS, Smart Cranes - control of a crane circuit breakdown, automatic detection of the ball valve position, support for wireless solutions, high energy efficiency, monitoring of sensor performance and an open circuit, and indication of a flooded sensor.

TEFLOSIL Technology For Ultra-Soft Ball Valve Motion

An innovative solution of the ball valve mechanism with two Teflon and one springy silicone gasket provides minimal friction and, accordingly, meager losses of the friction reducer power

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Leakage Sensors

Ultra-low voltage, less than 2.7 V, on gold-plated sensor-electrodes ensures absolute electrical safety and long service life.

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